Hello! I am Andre and I am currently a Student.
I have a passion for Cyber Security, Networks and Programming.

Relevant Work Experience

Intern (CSPC)

Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)

Mar 2023 - Aug 2023

Interned at the Cybersecurity Programme Center at the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore.

Conducted Threat Modelling, Risk Assessments, Project Management, Antivirus testing & evaluation and
developed Proof-of-Concept applications for a project.

Communicated with external vendors to convey project requirements and get budgetary quotes.

Security Analyst Intern


Oct 2020 - Mar 2021

Security Operations Center Analyst Intern at CyberProof from October 2020 to March 2021.
Day to day roles include:
Investigating and responding to security incidents with our SOAR platform and conducting further investigations using SIEMs like IBM QRadar, Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Splunk Enterprise.

Conducting proactive monitoring to identify malicious activities, cyber attacks and system misconfigurations on our client's networks and systems.

Escalate true positive incidents to clients and provide solutions and steps for remediation's after determining the source of attack and/or threat actor(s). 

Developed several scripts using Python to assist Security Analysts with day to day tasks and generating reports.


Infocomm Security Management



Singapore Polytechnic


Represented SP in various Cyber Security Competitions under Team QWERTY:
- BrainHack Cyber Defender’s Discovery Camp 2021, 5th Place, Poly/ITE Category
- HTX Investigators' Challenge 2021, 8th Place, Open Category
- LagNCrash Interpoly CTF 2022, 3rd Place
- NoH4ts Standcon CTF 2022, 6th Place, Poly/ITE Category
- BrainHack Cyber Defender’s Discovery Camp 2022, 6th Place, Poly/ITE Category
- LagNCrash Interpoly CTF 2022, 4th Place
- BrainHack Cyber Defender’s Discovery Camp 2023, 4th Place, Poly/ITE Category
- Gryphons CTF (GCTF) 2023, 1st Place

Participated in projects including:
- Created multiple challenges for Gryphons CTF (GCTF) 2021
- Organised, created training materials, made challenges and built the CTF infrastructure & platform on a local server for Singapore Polytechnic’s Youth Cyber Exploration Programme (YCEP) 2022
- Developed a Automated Vulnerable Machine Creator for Final Year Project (FYP)

Cyber & Network Security

HNitec (DPP)


ITE College West

2019 - 2021

Represented ITE CW in various Cyber Security Competitions under Team QWERTY:
- LagNCrash Inter-Poly CTF 2021, 2nd Place
- World Skills Singapore (WSS) 2020 Cyber Security
- 10th Singapore Cyber Conquest
- BrainHack Cyber Defender’s Discovery Camp 2020, Top 10 JC/IP/ITE
- GovTech’s Stack The Flags 2020, Top 15 JC/IP/ITE
- BrainHack Cyber Defender’s Discovery Camp 2019, Bronze Award

Received Numerous Awards including:
- Equinix Book Prize for Excellent Academic Performance
- Certificate of Merit (Top 5% Higher National ITE Certificate in Cyber & Network Security)
- Edusave Character Awards (ECHA) 2020
- Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement 2020
- Directors List 2020
- AiSP SVRP 2020 Silver
- Gold Service Star Award 2020
- Best Intern Award (CyberProof)
- AiSP SVRP 2019 Bronze
- Best Class Award 2019

Participated in multiple projects including:
- Part of a team that Created questions for & hosted the ITE CW CYNS CTF using CTFd for Year 1 students.
- Part of a team that built our School in Minecraft and hosting a orientation for new students on it.

Executive Committee (EXCO) member for the Cyber Security Club.

GCE 'N' Levels (Cambridge)

West Spring Secondary School

2015 - 2018

Held numerous School Appointed Executive Committee (EXCO) positions including:
2017 - 2018
NPCC (Land) | Physical Training (PT) IC & Campcraft IC
OOSH! | Events Manager

CCE Ambassador

Received Numerous Awards including:
- Character Awards 2016 Semester 1 (Active Contributor)
- Character Awards 2016 Semester 2 (Active Contributor)
- Character Awards 2017 Semester 1 (Active Contributor)
- NPCC Area 19 Games Day 2016, 1st
- NPCC Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition 2016, 10th Boys
- West Spring Inter-Class Games 2016 - Frisbee, 2nd
- West Spring Inter-Class Games 2017 - Handball, 3rd


Greenridge Primary School


Represented my CCA and won multiple competitions including:
- 2013 Inter-School Group Quanshu, 3rd
- 2014 Inter-School Group Quanshu, 2nd
- 1st Singapore World Wushu Championships 2013, 集体自选拳术 (Group Quanshu), 2nd

Received awards including:
- Edusave EAGLES Award 2013
- Edusave EAGLES Award 2014
- 3rd Position in Class 2019
- UNSW Educational Assessment 2011 - Science, Distinction
- Wushu White Green Belt Grading, Silver
- Colours Award 2013, Bronze




Ethical Hacking




Contact Info

Andre Yap